About us

What is LaG?

LaG (which stands for "Livid and Gifted") is a gaming organization. Originally founded as an Unreal Tournament clan in 1999, the goal of the organization was to provide a place where gamers could be competitive while still subscribing to the general "fair play" standards of the day.

Over the years we've seen legends come and go and been a part of almost all of the mythology of gaming. However, we have remained committed to providing a place to play games with friends without the bs so often associated with online gaming.

What's the current situation?

We're still together, still featuring some of our original members (and lots of friends we've made along the way) and still playing games routinely. Occasionally competitive and always fun, we value the relationships more than the games we play to build them. If you're interested in a mature, fun gaming community, check us out!

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